16-1 JEFFERSON GOLD, is a whisky made from a blend of Rye Whiskey, Corn Whiskey and Malt Whisky. It's about 30% rye, 30% corn & 40% malt. It is quite similar in many ways to the rest of our whiskies in that the high quality new American oak really shines through except the Jefferson Gold has a distinct sweet and spicy character that comes from the corn and rye. The majority of this whiskey was finished in a new 30 gallon French medium + toast wine barrel where it picked up a lot of complex cinnamon sweet notes. As with the Oregon Highlander it is mostly one year old whiskey with small percentages of anywhere from 6-8 month old small barrel aged whiskey. It was bottled @ 44% or 88 proof and retailsfor $45/750 ml. fifth. Only a little over 18 cases were bottled. This release reminds me of a high-end Canadian blended whiskey. OLCC#3911B.

16-1 ISLAY STYLE PEATED WHISKY, This whiskey was made with 100% Bairds Heavily Peated Malt from Scotland. It is an expensive whisky to make but well worth it. The phenols that give this malt it’s smoky complex flavor and aroma are delicate and are easily masked by too much new oak or time. Our whisky was aged mostly in new American Oak barrels so the smoky notes are well entwined with the sweet buttery, vanilla from the new barrels. The majority is 12 months old and the remainder (30%) is 3-8 months old. In Scotland these whiskies are typically aged in used barrels with just a small percentage of first fill Bourbon barrels. I don’t know of any aged in new oak. The smoky, peat is subtle and well integrated in our whisky. Future releases will be aged in second and even third fill barrels to showcase the smoky malt rather than the new oak. A well balanced Scotch style Oregon Single Malt. It is bottled at 46% abv or 92 proof and retails for $48 a 750 ml. fifth. 17 cases released. OLCC#3912B

17-1 Now avaliable

16-1 OREGON HIGHLANDER, is a 100% malted barley, double distilled Single malt. It is made from a grain bill consisting of 83% 2-Row brewers malt, 11% Munich malt & 6% Crystal-45 malt. The bulk of this release (~65%) is right at a year old. The remainder is ~20% 6+ months and ~15% is 4-5 months old. It has all been in a plethora of new and used heavy char 5 & 10 gallon American Oak barrels and most of it was finished in 15 gallon French Oak, former wine barrels. The blend of barrels and times spent in each barrel is almost to complicated to list. But the fun part is doing the blending trials and putting together the final blend. It is bottled at 45% or 90 proof and retails for $46 a 750 ml. Fifth. 15 cases released. OLCC#3913B.

17-1 OREGON HIGHLANDER is a 100% malted barley, double distilled Single malt. made from a grain bill consisting of 83% 2-Row brewers malt, 11% Munich malt & 6% Crystal-45 malt. The bulk of this release (90%) is one and a half years old with some two year old whisky. It was mostly aged in new 10 & 15 gallon Barrel Mill char #3 & #4 barrels. A smaller percentage was finished in wine barrels giving this whisky darker gold/brown buds and a slightly more vanilla, new oak flavor. The nose has the biscuit, cereal aroma that comes from malted whisky versus bourbon/corn whiskey. This heavier oaking will appeal to bourbon drinkers that prefer sweeter whiskey with vanilla notes.  As compared to 16-1 this release a more American style Single Malt. 16 cases released.  Bottled at 43%  or 86 proof  retails for $46 a 750 ml. Fifth. 16 cases released. OLCC#3913B

17-2 Now available

From grain to glass.  Everything we sell  is produced in our small distillery. We are located on a private farmstead amidst the scenic wine country of southern Oregon.  A labor of love;  III Spirits is dedicated to creating the highest quality whiskey. Using the best grains, mineral water from our private well and oak  barrels.  Everything we produce is handmade in every sense of the word. All our products are small batch and of limited availability. We never add artificial coloring or flavoring, we never re-brand anyone's  spirits: Milling grain, mashing in, fermenting, distilling, aging and bottling are all done by hand and with the greatest care.